$PNL is designed as a native token of the TruePNL Ecosystem

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Partners & Backers
TruePNL EcosystemTruePNL builds on-and off-chain financial products for retail investors to achieve beautiful and transparent investment experience.
LaunchpadA secure decentralized launchpad with fair guaranteed allocations
$PNL StakingExplore the benefits of the $PNL token. Stake $PNL to earn PNLg and join the sales on the TruePNL Launchpad
Merged FinanceA Multichain index protocol for investing in portfolios of underlying assets
$PNL has wide utility within the Ecosystem and was designed to maximize the value of using TruePNL DeFi productsicon arrow rightLearn about the allocation and distribution in our Docs
Off-Chain Utility:
PNL tokens can be used as means of payment in the collateral commission pool, allowing users to receive significant discounts. All paid tokens will be burned.
Features of Staking PNL tokens:

Lending and farming of $PNL tokens.

Fees reduction for using TruePNL products.

TruePNL prime subscription (free access to basic products).

Impact Mining. The more value the users of the TruePNL platform receive, the more rewards will be paid to contributors for such activities as:

Trading competitions.

Algos hackathons.

Portfolio building challenges.

ON-Chain Utility:
TruePNL protocol is going to be built on Web 3.0 utilizing Polkadot substrate. PNL token is planned to be used in:

Fees reduction for De-fi products utilizing TruePNL protocol.

Liquidity Staking in DeFi products.

Impact mining (Rewards to users for contribution to the TruePNL platform).

Utilizing as a collateral investment in DeFi portfolio.

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icon Ruslan Abdulin
Ruslan AbdulinCEO

Serial Tech Entrepreneur, 6 years of experience as a CEO in online-marketing, startups, and e-commerce businesses.

Successful exit from previous project.
icon Viacheslav Tiurdenev
Viacheslav TiurdenevCOO

4 years of experience in managing IT and blockchain development.

Successful exit from previous project.
icon Evgeniy Ivanov
Evgeniy IvanovCTO

12+ years of tech development, last 5 years on CTO/Tech lead positions.

6+ B2B developed projects from scratch to commercial production. A good man and AI enthusiast.